Written Activities:

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Pass The Buck

This activity forms students into 5 groups to teach each other evaluation criteria, and to learn how to evaluate the degree of success of a sample funding proposal.

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Critical Analysis of Letter as Essay

This activity is a look at critical analysis of a letter as essay by James Baldwin to his newphew. It should get students started thinking about tone, purpose, style, and context in their writing for the letters as essay

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Using Collaborative Writing Spaces

Students compose responses to a prompting question in a cell on a table using Google Docs or another collaborative and synchronous writing application.

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Merged Revision Process

This activity using “merge documents” function in Microsoft Word helps students and instructors to easily see the changes made in the revision process for the final draft or portfolio.

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Peer Response Survey

This is an in-class activity to gather students’ perceptions of peer response activities and let students do the survey result analyses and interpretation in class.

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“Seeing the Moment”

This activity helps students articulate highly detailed and believable descriptions of their places and their experiences in those places.

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Highlighter Revisions

This activity is designed to teach students how to revise their essays.

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Change, Add, Delete

This activity teaches revision as a process and how to provide peer-feedback on a draft. I use a clever attention grabber and begin to ask students to change, add, or delete different parts of their essays.

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Paraphrasing Practice

This activity teaches students how to paraphrase. I use an example paragraph and model my own paraphrasing technique. The activity provides a number of activities that both give students examples and provide opportunities to practice.

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Description and Summary Practice

This activity teaches students how to do an effective summary and description. I bring two examples, both bad and good. I ask students to talk about how I have changed these descriptions to change these two dominant impressions.

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Sentence-Level Editing

This activity is used to help students with sentence-level editing. The students have 20 min. to find all the punctuation problems on the handout.

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I-Search Research and Reading

This activity is used to help students perform the activity of “research.” The students and their classmates generate questions about a topic which can then be used to direct their search for information about a particular topic.