Written Activities:

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Message Packet Doc Templates

Headphones, Inc., letterhead to encourage thinking of the company as real.

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Empowering Student Learning Through Self-Reflection

This in-class activity is designed help instructors facilitate how students learn to complete the reflection assignments in English 150 and English 250. The goal of this activity is to give instructors a plan to introduce and explain the assignment while also giving students the chance to gain understanding about what will be expected for the reflection assignments.

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In-Class Activity for Helping Students Understand and Use Your Comments

This in-class activity is designed to help students understand the purpose of the comments you leave on their work. It also helps you get some helpful feedback on the effectiveness of your own comments.

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Activity for Memo Assignment: Defining a “Run-down”

In this in-class activity, I use a video from the hit sit-com "The Office" to show how encountering a new genre in the workplace can be an intimidating experience. This activity engages students with genre issues in preparation for the memo assignment.

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Composing Effective Instructions

This presentation and activity will introduce students to the genre of Instructions.

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Composing Effective Technical Definitions

This presentation and activity will introduce students to the genre of Technical Definitions

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Composing Effective Reports

This presentation will introduce students to the genre of Reports.

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Identifying Logical Fallacies

Students will learn to identify logical fallacies in order to avoid using them in their own writing.

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Common Language & Discourse Community

Students engage in a visual and oral activity that showcases the importance of common language, local idioms, cultural context, clarity in one-way communication.

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Blind Faith

This activity encourages team building and attention to the audience component of writing instructions.

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Fish Hook

Students think about possible introductions and introduction techniques using a worksheet and peer feedback.

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Pass The Buck

This activity forms students into 5 groups to teach each other evaluation criteria, and to learn how to evaluate the degree of success of a sample funding proposal.