Composing Effective Reports

shared by ISUComm on October 15, 2014

Activity Summary:

This presentation will introduce students to the genre of Reports.


The purpose of this presentation is to overview several common sections found in most types of reports. Because there are many kinds of reports, you may want to customize this presentation to fit your own 314 project. Consider deleting sections you don’t need, reorganizing sections, or adding new sections based on the existing template. (You can right-click any slide in the left pane and duplicate it in order to create your own slides using the same design.) The information contained in this presentation is derived from the textbooks of Richard Johnson-Sheehan and Paul V. Anderson.

This presentation covers the following:

  • The various types of reports and their purposes
  • The planning process for reports
  • Common organizational structures
  • Effective introductions and conclusions for reports
  • Typical sections in reports (methods, results, discussion, recommendations, activities, expenses) and their rhetorical moves