Jigsaw Activity for A5: Documented Essay (ENGL 250)

shared by jstaylor on November 30, 2017

Activity Summary:

This is an activity created by myself and four others (named below) for Unit 5 in ENGL 250. The activity is a jigsaw discussion designed to demonstrate the process of completing the Doc. Essay


The content within our activity is wholly conveyed within the materials we’ve attached.

Included is:

  • Detailed Lesson Plan
  • In-Class Handout for Activity
  • All four readings (which would be assigned as homework prior to the lesson)
  • A power point presentation of our activity highlighting context, theory, purpose, and rationale (Created for ENGL 500 in order to discuss the lesson)

Thank you!!!!

Authors: Joshua Taylor, Kadir Karakaya, Long He, Shireen Baghestani, Erik Godare