Blind Faith

shared by ISUComm on August 18, 2014

Activity Summary:

This activity encourages team building and attention to the audience component of writing instructions.


1) Ask for a volunteer. This volunteer will be further referred to in the class meeting as “The Most Motivated Employee in the Company.”

2) Have the ”The Most Motivated Employee in the Company” come to the blackboard or white board. Blindfold them. Face them toward the board. Assure them that nobody will touch them.

3) After the  ”The Most Motivated Employee in the Company” is blind folded, draw three or four geometric shapes on the board. They should touch or over lap. Zig Zags are great.

4) Direct the class to instruct  ”The Most Motivated Employee in the Company” to recreate the drawing to scale. Whackiness and communication struggles ensue.

5) Once done, remove blindfold. Review the communication problems. Retry with teacher as the employee to be instructed. This time with one project manager speaking.

6) Repeat once more with groups specializing in each shape.

7) Discuss the role of specialization.