Additional resource Activities:

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Poster Museum [Contest Example]

Visual Rhetorical Analysis - In teams, have students analyze rhetorical strategies and design choices in posters.

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Creating submenus in Word Press

This post explains how to create a submenu in WordPress.

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Eportfolio Checklist

Eportfolio Checklist

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Training videos on composing with WordPress

Training videos on composing with WordPress

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Eportfolio assessment guideline

ePortfolio guideline

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Sample Lesson Plans for Teaching ePortfolios

This page features lesson plans for introducing ePortfolios to students.

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Design Exercise – Choco Chip and Candied Bancon Pancakes with Nutella Maple Syrup

This recipe for Chocolate Chip and Candied Bacon Pancakes is a set of content that you can use to create a design exercise for your students.

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