Sample Lesson Plans for Teaching ePortfolios

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Activity Summary:

This page features lesson plans for introducing ePortfolios to students.


Lesson Plan: Introduction to the ePortfolio

Many students (and instructors) are intimidated by the idea of having to learn how to use a web development platform in a relatively short time and create a web portfolio of their work. This sample lesson plan should help you as you prepare to teach your students about ISUComm ePortfolios for the first time. It’s generally best to introduce ePortfolios on your computer lab day.

Click here for another (more practical, Tuesday/Thursday) sample lesson plan.

Preparation: Include a link to ISUComm ePortfolios on your Moodle course.

Optional: As a homework assignment, you might ask students to come prepared with a photo and a short blurb about themselves for the lab day. Guiding questions for this: How do you identify yourself? What are examples of things you care about? What is your major or program of study? What are your club, fraternity, or sorority affiliations?

Topic Materials Activity Goals Time
What is open-source?
Introduction to WP
Peter Welsch article, “Open Source and the Power of Community” & “WordPress: Benefits of the Open Source Giant”. Examples of WP: The English department website and most sport club sites. Guiding questions to ask: “Have you ever borrowed a tool and returned it working better than before? That’s how WP works.” Have you ever composed a website before? (Fun Fact: Half of all personal websites are on WP.) Provide students with a rationale for using an open-source software rather than a proprietary one.

Pro: Free, affords basic web design, emphasis on community, customizable, common.

Con: WP.com collects data of your use, BUT NOT ON OUR SYSTEM. Plugins and themes can be or become cliche.

5 min
ISUComm ePortfolios Our Mission Statement, “ISUComm ePortfolios provide the ISUComm program with a custom solution for the integration of written, oral, visual, and electronic modes of communication.” 1) They can compose in multiple modes.

2) They can experiment and discover the affordances of the electronic mode.

3) The website is theirs to keep and develop throughout their college career (up to 2 years after graduation).

Provide students with the purpose of their ePortfolio in relationship to a) ISUComm’s mission and b) their portfolio as an online showcase of their work for potential job opportunities. 5 min
Exercise: Authoring an “About Me” page Use the Authoring “About Me” Page post here on DRAW. Consider asking students to bring in a professional picture and a blurb about themselves. 1) Navigate to ePortfolios.isucomm.iastate.edu/[student netID]

2) Log in using your Cynet ID and password.

3) Follow the instructions as outlined in the prompt.

1) Finding their ePortfolio

2) Learn how to import content

3) Learn how to write using the TinyMCE editor

Opt 1) Hyperlinks

Opt 2) Scaling photos

30 min
Wrap-up   1) Answer questions regarding the ePortfolio.

2) Have the students sign out of their computers.

3) Address any homework or actionables to be prepared for the next class period.

Make sure students appreciate that the ePortfolio site is theirs to develop whenever they like. 10 min