Eportfolio Checklist

shared by hjyang on April 30, 2015

Activity Summary:

Eportfolio Checklist



Congratulations, everyone! You are about to take the final steps in completing your ePortfolio. I’ve enjoyed our time together as a class and hope this semester allowed you to see the process of writing in new and exciting ways!

Before 11:59pm on Friday the 12th, when ePortfolios (minus the Final Reflection) are due, please make sure that you complete the following (I recommend crossing these out as you finish them):



  1. Does your “About Me” page include a detailed and thoughtful reflection that

1) Introduces yourself as a writer/student/scholar;

2) Describes what you have learned about WOVE communication in English 250; 3) Explores your writing process?


  1. Is the reflection polished and professional? Is it free of errors?



  1. Have you included a detailed reflection that answers each of the questions on the assignment criteria sheet? The main goal will be to

1) Describe the strengths and weaknesses of written texts as a mode of communication;

2) Describe the reasons why/why not that you made changes. The more details the better.


  1. Do you have both your original draft with instructor comments and the new revised piece uploaded onto the page? Consider highlighting or in some way marking the revisions you make to the written piece.
  1. Reread through your revised Written piece one more time outloud (this may seem silly, but do it anyway; you’ll be amazed at what you find). Did you catch all the typos? Cite all your quotes? Made noticeable revisions?
  1. Is your Written piece a report (a compilation of quotes without analysis)? If so, add analysis.
  1. Do you lead into your quotes and not just have that be the sentence?
  1. Do you have an interesting title for your Written piece? Have you included the appropriate MLA header (Your Name, Professor Name, Class Number and Section, Date)? Is your last name and page number in the upper right of each page.
  1. Review your Works Cited page with either a copy of the MLA handbook or OWL at Purdue’s website. Are they double spaced? Titled as “Works Cited?” Page headers? Alphabetical order? List ONLY the sources you quote in the paper?



  1.  Do you have both an artifact (sound recording, PowerPoint presentation, screenshots, etc) and a reflection of approximately 2-3 solid paragraphs for each of these modes of communication? Do your reflections answer each of the three questions that appear on the assignment sheet?
  1. Consider having each of the OVE pages appear as a sub item on your main menu. Refer back to the tutorial on Moodle for how to accomplish this.



  1.  Is your Word Press page easy to navigate through use of menus and hyperlinks?
  1. Is your writing left-aligned with a single line of space between paragraphs (use this format only for text that is part of the webpage as opposed to any documents you upload)?
  1. Are you happy with the page’s theme and feel that it appropriately represents you as a writer? Is there any further customization you would like to make to the pages?
  1. Have you saved all changes and made sure all of the requirements will be available to the instructor (not password protected/private)?



Consider taking one more look at the rubric posted on Week 15 of our Moodle site. Keeping in mind that Excellent = A, Good = B, Fair = C, and Needs Work = D/F, set a goal for what you would like to receive on the ePortfolio and review those criteria. Can you confidently say that your work demonstrates the described qualities? If so, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining your desired grade.