Poster Museum [Contest Example]

shared by lamalone on September 19, 2017

Activity Summary:

Visual Rhetorical Analysis - In teams, have students analyze rhetorical strategies and design choices in posters.


Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed Poster

Team Name(s): Lauren Malone

Concepts Practiced: Visual Analysis

Assignment Type: Group Work; Class Activity

Materials Needed

  • Six (6) posters
  • Tape
  • Colored paper
    • Number of different colors corresponds to how many students are in each group
  • Extra markers [optional]
  • Notecards [optional]


  1. Tape posters to walls
    1. If you want to assign the assumed audience for each poster, write it on a notecard and tape it up as well.
  2. Have students sit in groups (this example is based on six (6) groups of four (4)
  3. Pass out paper to each group. Each student should have a different color.
  4. Write color assignments on the board. Tell the students that the colors correspond to what they will be analyzing in their poster.
    1. Red – Appeals/Context
    2. Orange – Argument
    3. Purple – Figure/Ground
    4. Blue – Color
    5. Green – Text/Typography
    6. Yellow – Ethical Design Decisions/Other
  5. Have students write their analysis on their papers, and tape them up near the poster
  6. Discuss as a class