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Campus Art and Architecture Scavenger's Hunt

Campus Art and Architecture Scavenger's Hunt

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Create a Meme Assignment: English 150

This activity works well between Assignments 4 and 5 in English 150. Use it to help students bridge the divide between writing about a place and designing text and images about that place.

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Message Packet Doc Templates

Headphones, Inc., letterhead to encourage thinking of the company as real.

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Activity theory based lesson for establishing audience roles for presentations

This activity presents a group discussion about audience that will help students become more aware of their roles as audience members and, by extension, as presenters.

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Empowering Student Learning Through Self-Reflection

This in-class activity is designed help instructors facilitate how students learn to complete the reflection assignments in English 150 and English 250. The goal of this activity is to give instructors a plan to introduce and explain the assignment while also giving students the chance to gain understanding about what will be expected for the reflection assignments.

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In-Class Activity for Helping Students Understand and Use Your Comments

This in-class activity is designed to help students understand the purpose of the comments you leave on their work. It also helps you get some helpful feedback on the effectiveness of your own comments.

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Activity for Oral Presentation using TED Talks

This activity is designed to help students think critically about the different ways of delivering an oral presentation. The goal is to prepare them for their final presentations.

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Activity for Memo Assignment: Defining a "Run-down"

In this in-class activity, I use a video from the hit sit-com "The Office" to show how encountering a new genre in the workplace can be an intimidating experience. This activity engages students with genre issues in preparation for the memo assignment.