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Dolls Activity

Dolls Activity uses images from the Monsters reader and asks students to compare said images that are accompanied by text with images that they select themselves that are not.

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Book Covers as an Example of Visual Rhetorical Analysis

This lesson is a scaffolded approach to teaching students how to deconstruct visual arguments by analyzing various book covers. Students will practice individually, as a group, and then as presenters to the class.

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Modeling Visual Rhetorical Analysis for ENGL 250

A lesson plan modeling visual rhetorical analysis.

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Visual Rhetorical Analysis of Food Packaging

In this class activity, students apply their knowledge of visual rhetorical analysis by analyzing food packaging from different brands.

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Doublespeak in Different Rhetorical Situations

Students learn about types of doublespeak, then research and analyze examples from the internet.

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MLA Citations Activity

In this activity, students practice citing different sources, finding the different pieces necessary for a citation, and gain a better understanding of how flexible source citation can be.

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Eng 250 Day 1

These slides walk you through Day 1 and work best on your class (as opposed to lab) day.

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English 250 First Day (preferably in a lab)

This slide presentation will demonstrate how I start my Eng250 students on the first or second day of class.

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Campus Art and Architecture Scavenger’s Hunt

Campus Art and Architecture Scavenger's Hunt