Pillars of Apology

shared by ISUComm on August 18, 2014

Activity Summary:

Anonymous apologies and Dear Abby responses from students


First week of class, this is an icebreaker and community building activity.


Anonymous apologies and Dear Abby responses from students

1. Assemble a small area or table outside of the computer lab door.

2. On the table or area assemble small pieces of paper colored paper, red, green and blue.

(Red=Lover, Blue=Friend, Green=Family member)

3. Students chose a color that represents who they are apologizing to. Students write an anonymous apology.

4.Once the student has chosen the color of paper and once the apology is written down for what they are apologizing for,  then they fold the paper and tape it onto one of the pillars outside the computer lab and are allowed to enter class.

5.Once this is done and all the students are seated inside the class room, ask each student to go back outside and chose a different colored paper then the one they wrote on and bring it into the lab and type out the apology and then write what that student should do to make amends.

6. Once the apology and advice are all typed onto a word doc, they are to print it and prepare to share with the class.

7. Students share the anonymous apologies and their responses to them.

8. Everybody loves this activity, you will be a hit!